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TV, Movies, Sport & more, using just the internet. It’s time to enjoy entertainment your way. Get in touch now for entertainment joy and incredible support!
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unleash your tv

just add internet

Mediabox is the easiest way to watch both on demand and live TV over the internet. We have taken the hassle out of watching your favourite service by pre-installing all the available content providers in your region as well as international favourites. This means simply switch on a Mediabox and login to the provider of your choice.

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Movies & Series

Uninterrupted viewing. Enjoy visual entertainment how you want, when you want. Video-on-Demand is the future of entertainment and you can have it right now with no limits.

Sports & News

Live Sports and news. No problem on the Mediabox and if you miss the big event there will always be plenty of on demand highlights to help you to stay informed and up to date.

Radio & Music

With thousands of radio shows and online playlists there is something to suit any and every taste in music. Mediabox supports almost every format, your favourite playlists and party mixes.

cystal clear

4K HDR quality

The Dolby Audio Difference

  • Crystal-clear audio: Helps you hear dialogue and details clearly on all your devices and in the cinema –
  • Surround sound: Provides up to 7.1 channels of surround sound—including virtual surround through headphones
  • Automatic volume control: Prevents jumps in volume as you switch content, or go from broadcast programs to commercial breaks
  • Enhanced loudness: Delivers louder volume on small speaker devices to make the full audio mix more intelligible
  • Optimised audio: Works intelligently to optimise audio for your content and equipment
  • Varied content: Unlocks the best sound for movies, games, music, and broadcast programs
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competitive analysis

why mediabox

Mediabox Ranger

  • Plays all available locally available content on your TV
  • Full Connectivity with 2×2 WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB and MicroSD
  • Does not lock customers into one VOD or OTT provider
  • Google Android TV™ Certified
  • Dolby Audio™ Sound with added optical and analogue audio outputs
  • Local live support over web, email and phone

Kwese Play

  • American focussed device
  • No support for Amazon, DSTV or Showmax
  • Operating system is not customisable
  • No support for Bluetooth accessories
  • Locks you in to content providers
  • Can’t do 4K video
  • Only HDMI Audio
  • Netflix and Kwese provide the only premium content

Apple TV

  • Both HD & 4K version are expensive
  • Apple ecosystem focussed
  • No USB or micro SD port for your own media
  • Slow to add content providers that are not Apple centric
  • Only HDMI Audio, no optical or analogue
  • Easy to use eco-system (as long as all your devices are Apple)
  • No local support or help